Cognizant Recognized as Market Leader in IoT Services


Cognizant has been recognized as a market leader in Internet of Things (IoT) services by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading independent global technology research and advisory firm. IoT has become a focus for many organizations; according to ISG, more than a trillion devices will be connected by 2020. Consequently, many IoT providers want to […]

White Paper: How 14 Companies Across Industries Apply IoT at Scale

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What does a company need to do to succeed with IoT initiatives? In this white paper, 14 companies are demonstrating the reality of IoT-at-scale to fuel higher levels of efficiency, innovation and new business models. Integration of information technology and operating technologies is driving powerful synergies – between the physical world of smart machines, industrial […]

How New Technologies Reshape the Customer Experience

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How does the emerging technologies influence customer experience? By embedding AI and IoT into their enterprise applications, consumer-facing organizations can cultivate lasting and profitable customer relationships with hyper-personalized offers and services that deliver on the promise of digital. Today’s enterprise systems generate enormous volumes of data that can be fed into AI, machine learning (MI), […]

The IoT Value Chain: What to Include to Succeed


According to Gartner, more than $440 billion will be spent on Internet of Things initiatives by 2020. Yet networking company Cisco recently found that only 26% of organizations so far have completed an IoT initiative they consider a success. What is preventing companies from getting IoT right? Much of the challenge derives from focusing on implementing technologies without a comprehensive, holistic plan. […]

Have you plugged into the smart product economy?


If you want to be part of the smart product economy, you need to take a completely new approach to product development; every single node in your value chain needs to be re-thought. We call this “informed manufacturing”. It begins with a human-centered approach to product and experience design, widely known as design thinking, and includes […]

IoT analytics? Start with this self-assessment.


To increase the odds that IoT analytics will succeed, it’s a good idea for manufacturers to start with a self-assessment using the following steps: Understand product usage scenarios in consumer/industrial applications. Analyze product portfolio and establish value of instrumenting products. Identify key stakeholders and their needs, to orient analytics toward addressing business challenges. Identify the […]