Core Pillars in Your Hybrid Cloud Migration Roadmap

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Thanks to their flexible, scalable and reliable nature, hybrid cloud environments help IT play the role of strategic enabler by creating a highly virtualized enterprise systems architecture that spans the legacy infrastructure and the public cloud. However, hybrid cloud comes with challenges of its own. From infrastructure and app modernization, to integrating all elements of […]

White Paper: 7 Steps to Develop Software that Delivers Customer Value

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Application development organizations are at a crossroads; traditional waterfall-style development processes are too costly and slow to keep pace with the fast-moving digital economy. Delivering software features and functionality quickly enough to meet market demands, requires shifting to a DevOps model. Software changes must also be delivered continuously, with new features delivered as minimum viable […]

Blockchain in Europe: Key Insights from New Study


Business leaders in Europe are fully aware of the potential introduced by blockchain, according to Cognizant’s recent study where 1,570 business decision makers were surveyed. To fully harness blockchain possibilities, however, they need to break through old mental models of company boundaries and markets, and grasp how blockchain could truly change the game by shifting […]

Automated testing bots: A requirement for high-quality intelligent devices

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As consumers increasingly rely on intelligent devices – home security systems, connected cars, fitness bands, patient monitoring systems and more – businesses must ensure the robustness of their digital solutions, both on a standalone basis as well as how these solutions interact with other devices, apps and systems. Traditional testing methods aren’t up to these […]

Blockchain: A Potential Game-Changer for Life Insurance


In a world in search of more open, trusted and secure IT systems, all eyes are on blockchain. Through its distributed ledger, smart contracts and non-repudiation capabilities it acts as a shared infrastructure that can transform multiple processes across the insurance value chain. Here’s how. Blockchain was highlighted in the 2016 World Economic Forum’s report […]

A framework for maximizing the strategic value of IT investments

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An inflexible, sluggish, inefficient infrastructure poses a bigger competitive threat than any ingenious start-up or disruptive market force. In Cognizant’s report The Future of IT Infrastructure, we outline a new framework to help CIOs move toward the new way to work for IT. To find out how leaders re-tool for the digital age, we interviewed […]