The Forces Reshaping Our Work Culture


The Nordics CIO Executive Summit, organized by the Gartner company Evanta, recently took place in Stockholm. One of the speakers was Cognizant’s star analyst Euan Davis who held a session about the future of work. These are his reflections on the real challenge in the digital transformation: people. Work culture is breaking down, and has […]

Being digital means being more human


What happens when algorithms and analytics are blended with the human abilities? Can technology actually augment the work we perform? What will work even look like in ten years’ time, when about 35% of current jobs in the UK are at risk of computerization? This, and many other things, were discussed during Cognizant Connect in […]

Get you Arms around the Smart Product Economy

Making products smart can deliver game-changing innovation, enriched customer experiences and new, across-the board levels of efficiency. From R&D and manufacturing, through distribution and after-sales support, product data is changing how products are built, sold and cared for. Our latest research reveals practical steps business leaders can take to benefit from this quickly intensifying and […]

Code Halo and co-creation enable extensive leverage for established companies

Last week, Cognizant’s Euan Davis delivered a speech to about 200 Swedish CIOs and IT decision-makers at the Radar Ecosystems event entitled “Integrate 2 Innovate” in Stockholm. Davis manages Cognizant’s Future of Work think tank. We interviewed Davis regarding ways in which Nordic companies and organizations can benefit from co-creation processes in light of increasing […]